Welcome to the land of Baltica!

Build your colony along these picturesque shores and make a realm so good that people from all over the region will flock to it!

Build, grow, defend


Manage your citizens, choose what is built, what is gathered, and what is researched. As your city grows, more sinister eyes will be turned toward it.

Difficult decisions


Pay tribute to the king and he might help you when you are raided. Refuse, and prepare for the king to join the raiders instead.

Will you focus on defenses, or economy? Society or technology? Choose wisely...

A city builder like no other


Let your creativity unfold in Baltica, a gridless city builder where your imagination is the only limitation. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper and Age of Empires, Baltica aims to deliver a familiar yet refreshing and accessible experience for all player skill levels.

The team


Baltica is being developed by SquareWave Games, an indie startup based in Oslo, Norway. Our team is currently made up of 5 people. Read more about us here!


All content is in development and likely to change before any release.

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